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Selling Your Aircraft or Fractional Share

Flitewise achieve Superior Results using our Market Intelligence, offering a brokerage service, as well as the ability to take in stock should you require a trade-in arrangement for your existing aircraft whilst upgrading.

Flitewise delivers the ability to make better decisions by providing our clients Market Awareness of all competing aircraft. Knowing exactly where aircraft are trading today and what it will take to get your aircraft sold is what sets Flitewise apart.

Our marketing efforts include:

  • Targeted email mailshots with your specification and details of your aircraft to a large database
  • Immediate Web presence on Flitewise.com as well as the tracking systems, Jetnet and Amstat
  • Full Colour Specifications
  • Multiple websites (ASO.com, controller.com etc)
  • Multiple magazines (World Aircraft Sales, Business Air Magazine, Flight)

Our sales commission is due only upon successful sale of the aircraft to its new owner.

For most companies, selling a multi-million dollar jet aircraft is not an everyday occurrence. It's expensive and at times hazardous. One bad move or decision can literally cost thousands of wasted dollars. With every detail of your transaction, we represent your best interests and you can trust that things will be handled "the right way."

At all times, Flitewise represents your best interests as if we were representing our own.


Call Flitewise on +44 1202 661919 or email us at info@flitewise.com