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Welcome to Flitewise

Whatever your requirements, Aircraft Consultancy, Brokerage, Acquisition or Charter Management, our experience allows us to provide a level of service in keeping with the highest standards of business and professionalism. 10 reasons to use Flitewise.

  1. You need to SELL or PURCHASE an aircraft or fractional share
  2. You need to CHARTER a whole aircraft.
  3. You wish to consider aircraft characteristics and performance then visit our AIRCRAFT FACTFILE
  4. You wish to compare and contrast aircraft characteristics then visit our AIRCRAFT COMPARATOR
  5. You want to obtain a detailed Operating Cost for a specific aircraft then visit our CONSULTANCY services
  6. You want to consider turn-key solutions; starting a flight department; buying new or pre-owned then our CONSULTANCY services are what you need
  7. You want a MARKET APPRAISAL of your aircraft or the available aircraft on a worldwide basis, and advice on which aircraft to avoid due to questionable maintenance or other factors
  8. If you own aircraft, are you better off SELLING yourself, or using a reputable broker or trading it in to accomplish a simultaneous purchase/transfer
  9. You need to assistance with a purchase agreement, the closing documents and procedures for aircraft certification, importation and registration then visit our CONSULTANCY services
  10. You want options on how handle crew training and re-currency then again our CONSULTANCY services can help

Call Flitewise on +44 1202 661919 or email us at info@flitewise.com