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Aircraft Aquisitions

Whether you are upgrading your existing aircraft, a new customer looking to start a flight department or after a turn-key solution Flitewise have a solution to hand. Ownership of your own aircraft can make sense if you want total control of your aircraft, can identify your travel needs and need to fly often enough to justify the cost. However, rushing into a purchase, though, ultimately can cost thousands in maintenance problems, not to mention out of service time, so a diligent structured and well informed approach is what we offer:-
  • Our sourcing service. We subscribe to a professional service giving us the total worldwide picture of aircraft for sale, to suit your exact requirements.
  • We can help you select the right aircraft model, understanding subtle model year changes; using our advanced operating cost models to predict the financial implications; and our experience to advise on other aspects, such as cabin comfort, speed, payload, runway performance, value for money, servicing and reliability.
  • We can compare the aircraft you have selected against all others, to ensure you have the right value for money considering the hours, engine condition maintenance, history, avionics and condition.

Our overall experience will help you choose the right aircraft for mission and budget.


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