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Cessna - Citation X, CE-750
Category: Jet > 20,000 lbs.
Years Aircraft Manufactured: 1996 - current
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The Citation X (as in the Roman numeral, not the letter, and Cessna's Model 750) is the largest member of business aviation's biggest corporate jet family, the Citation series. The design objectives behind the Citation X included transcontinental USA and trans Atlantic range in a mid size package that cruises faster than any other business jet available. The X's FADEC equipped Allison AE 3007A turbofans are very powerful for an aircraft of the X's size, while the highly swept (37) wings are also long in span. Other design features of the Citation X include the fuselage cross section of the Citation III, VI and VII but with more efficient use of internal space that allows greater head and shoulder room, an area ruled, waisted rear fuselage, trailing link main undercarriage units and a modern Honeywell Primus 2000 EFIS avionics suite with five colour CRT displays.

Seating (normal) 8 Max Takeoff (lbs) 36,100
Seating (maximum) - Certified Ceiling (ft) 51,000
Engines 2 RR AE3007C1 To (Sealevel, ISA Temp) (ft) 5,140
Output lbs ea. Flat Rating 6,764/ISA+15 Landing Distance (ft) 2,730
Maximum Mach No. 0.92 Max Range (fuel) (nm) 3,070
High Speed Cruise (Kts) 505 Max Range (payload) (nm) 2,703
Flight Time 300nm 0 + 42 Flight Time 1000nm 2 + 9
Flight Time 600nm 1 + 19    
External Internal
Length (ft) 72.30 Length (ft) 23.90
Height (ft) 19.20 Height (ft) 5.70
Span (ft) 63.60 Width: Max floor (ft) 5.50

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